Academic Affairs

The division of Academic Affairs strives to ensure programs and services offered by Triton College are in line with the needs of students, community members and employers. Among our goals are to provide support to faculty and foster partnerships with high schools and other organizations within the Triton College district to increase college readiness and positive student outcomes.

Dr. Susan Campos
Vice President of Academic Affairs
708-456-0300, Ext. 3630

Qeauna McDonald
Administrative Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs
708-456-0300, Ext. 3582

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Susan Campos, VP of Academic AffairsDr. Susan M. Campos was appointed vice president of Academic Affairs at Triton College in June 2019. She brings an unmatched passion for supporting students in pursuit of their academic goals, and working with faculty and staff to develop and implement curricula that meet the needs of our community members and area employers.

Prior to assuming her current role, Dr. Campos spanned a nearly four-decade career as a health care educator. From 2004-2018, she served as the director of Triton’s Nuclear Medicine Technology Program, coordinating all aspects of the program including assessment and maintenance of accreditation standards.

In 2017, she became dean of Health Careers and Public Service Programs at Triton, a role in which she supported the mission and vision of the college by establishing and maintaining partnerships between the college and local health care organizations, as well as with surrounding colleges and universities. She was also responsible for the professional development of faculty and staff and student success initiatives. From 2011-2017, she also served as Triton’s College Curriculum Committee Chair, leading the effort of evaluating curricula and credit course offerings to ensure alignment with the core values of Triton College.

Dr. Campos received a Master of Education degree in Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois; and a Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. She is a Certified Nuclear Medical Technologist (CNMT).

Dr. Campos is a native of Westchester, IL. She resides in Burr Ridge with her husband Humberto.

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Educational Partnerships

 School College Alliance Logo

Triton has had long-standing relationships with area schools with the first School/College Partnership (SCP) model beginning with our public high schools in 1983 and the formation of the Private High School Partnership in 1996. In order to build relationships with our community, students, and schools earlier in the educational continuum, the K-8 Partnership was developed in 2008. In January 2013, Triton College along with several of the K-12 district leaders began conversations in order to explore a new model that would assist in better aligning the structure and help the transition of students through the educational continuum through enhanced collaboration.

The School/College Alliance is a collaborative network of educational leaders from across District 504 with a focus on assisting all students throughout the education continuum. Working from the perspective of an aligned curriculum continuous throughout grades K-14, the Alliance strives to ensure that resources and services are being maximized to support student retention, transition, completion and success. Due to the shared responsibility among educators, elementary through college, in seamlessly advancing college readiness students, all levels of education will work together to collectively address education issues through shared data, resources, and projects, thereby, supporting a variety of educational and career pathways for our students.

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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council for the School\College Alliance will be the governing board of the partnership, composed of district leadership from Triton, superintendents from the district K-8 and Public High Schools, executive leadership from Private High Schools, and executives from Des Plaines Valley Region and West 40. The role of the council is to provide leadership that will assist in the implementation of strategies and initiatives that will propel the mission of the School/College Alliance for student success.


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