Strategic Planning

Mission Statement

Valuing the individual, educating and serving the community. 

Vision Statement 

A community with equitable opportunity for growth and success.

In July 2020, the Triton College Board of Trustees endorsed our five new Shared Values. Shared values are workplace qualities that guide how we achieve our Mission (Valuing the individual, educating and serving the community) and Vision (A community with equitable opportunity for growth and success.) Shared values shape our collective institutional identity.

Shared Values

Collaboration: Working together and engaging productively and efficiently across an organization
Diversity: Including different experiences, points of view, and opinions within an organization
Integrity: Upholding a conviction to strong moral principles, maintaining a standard of honesty
Equity: Fostering an environment of equal access for all
Excellence: Committing to doing outstanding and exceptional work

Through the collaboration of faculty, staff, and the local community, the institution developed a seven-year strategic plan (FY 2015-2021) that focuses on key three strategic goals:

  1. Increase College Readiness
  2. Improve College Completion
  3. Close the Skills Gap

Whether teaching microbiology, improving our facilities and grounds, advising students regarding financial aid, greeting students at the welcome center or undertaking any of the other countless roles filled by faculty and staff, the daily work and collaboration of Triton College’s employees drive the achievement of the above strategic goals and further our mission of student success.

FY 2019 Strategic Plan

Semi-Annual Reports & Assessment Information

To assist with annual assessment and resource planning, Triton College established institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the fall of 2015. Beginning Calendar Year 2016, reporting on the KPIs is included in the Mid-Year Update and Annual Report.

Semi-Annual Reports

In FY2015, semi-annual reports were produced in November (Summer Semester update), February (Fall Semester update), and June (Spring Semester update).

In July 2015, the College Council evaluated the first round of the strategic planning assessment process and recommended a change from three assessment reports per year to two assessment report per year. The first report, titled Mid-Year Strategic Plan Progress Report, will be published in June each year, and the second report, titled Strategic Plan Annual Report, will be published in December.

FY 2016

Operational Summary: The strategic plan contains many operational elements, including Strategic Directions and Actions.

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Resource Planning: The strategic plan is designed to inform the institution's resource planning and budgeting process.

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Action Champions and Committee Alignment

Each action within the Strategic Plan has been assigned an Action Champion and aligned with a Shared Governance committee. Action Champions, Shared Governance Committees, and Institutional Departments all play a significant role in our strategic planning process.

Plan Development

To create this strategic plan, Triton College engaged in an inclusive, collaborative, multi-perspective process to develop a meaningful and impact-driven seven year strategic plan that aligns with stakeholder's goals and interests.

Development of the Strategic Plan